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Thank you for showing an interest in our Association

Hello my name is Belinda (Bee) Moore and I’m the Director of NAARVA Eastern Region.  NAARVA Eastern Region was founded in 1999 and have members from Maine to South Carolina with various clubs in those States.  There are also members that don’t belong to a club/chapter and they are called members-at-large.  You can join NAARVA Eastern Region and become a Member-at-large until you find a club/chapter that suits your needs.  If you are interested in seeing how these clubs/chapter functions,  go onto our website and click onto Club Events and browse the various Club’s Calendar to see if you would like to attend their camping events. Contact the President of that club/chapter to obtain information to joining  their camping event.  The president’s contact information is on their webpage. If you’re interested In becoming a member of NAARVA Eastern Region, attached please find the Membership Dues Form for your convenience to download and join NAARVA Eastern Region.  The membership dues of $10 are due annually by January 31st of each year. NAARVA National will be collecting your Regional membership dues along with your one year or three year NAARVA membership. Therefore, please make your annual Eastern Region membership dues payment of $10 for one year and $30 for three years to NAARVA and complete the NAARVA Eastern Region membership dues form and email it to and

NAARVA Eastern Region members get together annually to fellowship with friends and family at our Annual Camp Rally.  In 2024 there will be no Eastern Region Annual Spring Rally as NAARVA Eastern Region will be hosting the NAARVA National Annual Camp Rally which will be held at Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC from September 8-15, 2024. Therefore, please mark your calendar to cover these dates for the rally. Please see the NAARVA website or our website for the updated information regarding the NAARVA National Annual Camp Rally Registration Packet for your convenience to download and register for the rally.

I look forward to you joining NAARVA Eastern Region and camping with us, especially at the NAARVA National Annual Camp Rally hosted by NAARVA Eastern Region.

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